What Is A Tipper Van?

What is a Tipper Van?

A Tipper Van is a commercial vehicle designed for carrying and tipping heavy loads such as construction materials, soil, gravel, or waste. Our Tipper Vans are equipped with a hydraulic tipping mechanism that allows the cargo bed to be raised and emptied, making it ideal for transporting loose materials. The tipping mechanism is controlled by a control panel located in the cab, which allows the driver to operate it safely and easily.

Who uses Tipper Vans?

Tipper Vans are used by a wide range of businesses and organisations that require a vehicle for transporting and delivering heavy loads. They offer a reliable and efficient solution for transporting materials to and from job sites or other locations.

The Tippers have a capacity to transport 3 people in the CAB meaning not only does it transport goods, it transports multiple people as well!! Some of the industries that use Tippers are:


Construction Companies often use tipper vans to transport materials to and from job sites, which can include commercial and residential building sites, road construction sites, and other infrastructure projects. The versatility and efficiency our Tipper Vans offer is great! With many construction sites generating large amounts of debris and waste materials that need to be removed.

A Tipper Van can also be extremely useful with clearing the waste in a shorter number of trips with its variation of payload size with the maximum going up to 1705kg.

Landscaping Companies also use Tipper vans for transporting and delivering materials such as soil, plants and any other materials they may use. They are particularly useful for landscaping projects that require large amounts of materials to be transported to and from a job site.

Waste Removal Companies also use Tipper Vans for transporting and delivering waste materials to landfills or recycling facilities. Tipper Vans are also used for big Government and Council projects that require waste removal.

Also, many, many more organisations…

What are the benefits of owning a Tipper Van?

Owning a Tipper Van can offer a variety of benefits to businesses which can make them a popular choice when choosing a commercial vehicle.



One of the benefits of owning a Tipper is an increase in efficiency. Tipper vans offer a quick and efficient way to unload cargo, which is particularly important for construction and landscaping projects that require frequent deliveries or removal of materials.



Safety is the number one priority on our Tipper Vans. The tipping mechanism is manufactured to operate smoothly and safely. To go the extra mile, it can only be operated using the remote control that is located within the CAB.



The biggest benefit to owning a Tipper Van is the versatility and Capacity that the vans can offer. For example, we saw earlier that a wide range of industries can use the Tippers for different projects, for example:

Construction, Landscaping, Waste Disposal, Local Councils and many more!

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