Funding For ULEZ Compliant Vans

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We all know that operating a fleet can be a costly experience, van maintenance, operating license, fuel cards, insurance.

Complying to LEZ and Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) is the simplest way to avoid the additional charge for vans, minibuses, campervans operating in active LEZ and ULEZ areas.

The great news is to support operators some cities like Greater Manchester have secured funding to support businesses.

Greater Manchester (GM) has secured £120 million in government funding to support local businesses to make a change to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly vehicle. Helping them avoid the daily charge for working in the Clean Air Zone .

Directions on how to access the GM fund are set to be released in November 2021.

GM are not the only city or organisation to be providing support to those looking to reduce emissions.

Where to find grants and funding for ULEZ compliant vehicles

The Office for Zero commissions offers and can provide direction to grant schemes that are available.

Bath & North East Somerset are also operating funding schemes for those looking to switch to a ULEZ compliant van, minibus or other vehicle.

Birmingham – Clean Air Zone have secured £10.05 million of funding for Heavy Duty Vehicles.

We’ll be keeping our eye out at CVMWorld for other grants and funding to assist in operators upgrading their fleet so check back regularly.

For more information on ULEZ and how this impacts on operating a Mobile Welfare Unit visit our page, “Ultra Low Emission Zones & Welfare Vans – What to know!”

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