Ease of Access for Wheelchair Users

A quick look at Wheelchair lifts to assist Wheelchair users on/off board a Minibus


We offer a range of minibuses that are suitable for the carriage of wheelchair passengers. Whether you’re investing in a 9 or up to a 17 seat Minibus there’s a variety of onboarding options.

Options to consider are, under floor lift, onboard lift, split onboard lift, telescopic ramp and manual fold out ramp, as well as plug in winches.

We’re going to take a look at the different “Wheelchair Lifts” we offer accompanied by short videos on their ease of use.


Onboard Lift
An easy-to-use lift fitted as the name may suggest onboard the Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses carriage area.

The onboard wheelchair lift although reasonably slim does require the sacrifice of some of the cabin space in order to be equipped. The benefit is that it can be added to smaller Wheelchair Accessible Minibus variants.

An onboard wheelchair lift is operated by a handheld controller and can be deployed quickly and with ease in order to facilitate boarding a wheelchair using passenger.

Under Floor Lift (Concealed Cassette Lift)
These are fitted by creating a raised floor on your minibus, allowing the Minibus to have the maximum seating capacity. No internal floor space is expended to accommodate the fitting of the underfloor lift.

A great option when you need the diversity to carry wheelchair users and up to 17 passengers. You’ll tend to find this variation in larger L4 based Minibuses.

Deployed by using a handheld controller; the underfloor lift is a superb option to assist you in regularly onboarding wheelchair users.

Split Onboard Lift
A variation on the Onboard Lift a Split Onboard Lift has the additional benefit that the lift platform separates in half as the lift retracts to be stowed. This grants the driver and passengers a greater field of vision by not obscuring the rear windows of the Minibus. While not being detrimental to ease of access to the wheelchair user.

Wheelchair accessible Split onboard lifts are managed by a handheld controller. These are intuitive to use, with simple button management to deploy, lower, raise and stow.

Who uses Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses?

There are many groups and organisations that require Wheelchair access to their Minibuses.

We have found that Minibuses with electric lifts fitted are common place in School, Care, Community Transport and Charitable Organisations Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses.

To help pick the right vehicle we’ve built a whole range of Minibuses ideal for those operating in these sectors. You’ll find a range of Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses under “EasyOn” in our Vehicle Search and a broader variety under Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses which will include those equipped with telescopic ramps, manual ramps and plug in winch options.

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