How to Secure A Wheelchair Passenger

Securing a Wheelchair passenger in a Wheelchair Accessible Minibus is one of the most common questions we receive!

There are a number of methods available for securing a Wheelchair passenger.

Our Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses most commonly use the 4 point Wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint system (WTORS), which will be covered in this post.

This secures the Wheelchair via the tracks of the minibus using WTORS. Anchoring the Wheelchair securely from four sides.

Before we look at securing a wheelchair passenger onboard, we’ll cover the simple task of how to removing the Minibus seats.

Our seats use a lever and pin system that clamps the seat firmly in position. Removing the seat couldn’t be easier. Simply raise the pin and pull the lever back. This releases the seat from the tracks and you can now lift it out and store securely. If your Wheelchair Accessible Minibus allows move to a position where they cannot be accessed for carriage, lower the seat in to the tracks and raise the lever to secure it in position.

With your passenger seats appropriately moved or stored, it’s time to onboard your wheelchair passenger and secure them for their journey.

Secure one front anchor point first and then the opposing side.

Now fix one anchor restraint at the rear and pull this tight, before fixing the second rear restraint.

That’s it.

Your wheelchair using passenger is now secured onboard the vehicle.

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