Embracing a Fresh Way of Working: The 9-Day Fortnight

CVM World continually seek innovative strategies to enhance well-being, boost productivity, and stay ahead of the curve. One revolutionary approach that has been gaining momentum is the adoption of a 9-day working fortnight. In this blog post, we will take a look at the story of CVM World’s decision to implement a 9-day working fortnight and how it aligns with their commitment to a progressive, employee-centric work environment.

CVM World Employee

CVM World recognises the importance of striking a balance professional responsibilities and personal ambitions. By embracing the 9-day working fortnight, CVM World offers its employees a unique opportunity to enjoy a healthier work-life balance. This innovative scheduling approach allows team members to accrual an extra day off every fortnight, empowering them to recharge, spend quality time with loved ones, and pursue personal interests.

As a responsible employer we actively engage with our team to identify ways to improve the business and employees work life balance.

One avenue that gives our team a voice is the staff liaison committee.

Compromised of volunteers from around the business and overseen by the operational team. A proposal raised from the floor was, “how can we improve work life balance, and could we reduce working hours?” As a business we recognise the importance of mental health and the beneficial impact that more “free time” can provide individuals across the business.

With a working group we have explored the opportunity of a 9-day fortnight and evaluated the benefits and risks for employees and the business as a whole.


After a period of consultation, we’re now entering a voluntary trial of a 9-day fortnight across the business. This will bring the benefit of up to 20 additional free days to each employee who have opted in to this 12-month trial period. An opportunity we will be extending to all new individuals joining the business.

We do not foresee this impacting negatively on any area of the business or our ability to deliver the same high level of service and quality of product expected from the CVM World group of companies.

Having the proactive voice of the staff liaison committee keeping us engaged with our team, and allowing us to embrace their ideas and opinions, and apply them to the mutual benefit of the company and its employees is just one element we’re proud of at CVM World.

We’re excited to see how the business will further grow and adapt to be an employer of choice in the local area.

CVM World’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the confines of its office walls to environmental responsibility. The 9-day working fortnight aligns with sustainable practices by potentially reducing carbon emissions associated with daily commutes. As employees spend fewer days commuting to the office, CVM World contributes to a positive environmental impact, showcasing the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Employee morale is a cornerstone of a thriving workplace. We anticipate the 9-day working fortnight to contribute significantly to elevated employee morale. We’re aiming to reinforce that as a conscientious employer we value our team’s well-being and are committed to fostering a positive work environment, aiding in fostering a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. Higher morale translates into increased job satisfaction, stronger team cohesion, and a more positive workplace atmosphere.

The business is continually evolving, and CVM World’s decision to adopt the 9-day working fortnight exemplifies its adaptability to the changing times. Through actively engaging with our workforce, we’re positioning ourselves as a forward-thinking organisation ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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