Cheapest Minibus Contract Hire Deals in the UK


Who has the cheapest Minibus Contract Hire deals in the UK?

If you’re looking for the cheapest Minibus Contract Hire deals we have some great deals for you!

We actively monitor pricing in the Minibus Contract hire market place. Our mission is to be able to deliver a quality product at a competitive price.

Let’s talk about, “Cheap Minibus Contract Hire”.

Cheap isn’t a dirty word, but it is one to be wary of…

We pride ourselves on producing Minibuses to a high standard, that’s partially where our motto of “Escape the Ordinary” was born. We consider our pricing fair and competitive, we won’t provide an inferior vehicle in order to deliver a “cheap” Minibus.

View the video adjacent as an example of the high qualilty Minibuses we offer.

Contract Hire is an affordable way to gain the best specification of Minibus for your budget.

Who am I dealing with?

Some Minibus suppliers will place you with a faceless multinational company. You’ll be dealing with a contact centre of leasing agents who will be responsible for fleets of cars, vans, minibuses, heavy plant machinery. This means the company managing your Minibus Contract Hire aren’t the actual people providing your lease and aren’t Minibus specialists! You may even feel like just a number gaining very little in the way of “personal service”.

That isn’t the experience with Minibuses on Contract Hire at Minibus World.

Minibus World manage their Contract Hire in house. We know your Minibus, we’ll develop a highly personal relationship with you for the duration of your lease and beyond. Our team will be on hand every step of the journey with you.

Don’t be just a number, be part of the Minibus World family.

How much should I expect to pay for a Minibus on Contract Hire?

We do regularly get asked, “how much will Contract Hire be?”
You can expect to be paying from around £450.00+ (Ex VAT)*

Several factors will affect the monthly cost of your contract hire.

The base vehicle, whether you opt for a Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Mercedes or other manufacturers vehicle it will have an impact on overall price of the Minibus conversion.

Then there’s the consideration of will your Contract Hire Minibus be carrying 9, 12, 14, 17 passengers?

Will you require Wheelchair user access and what format will that be in, telescopic ramps, onboard lift, underfloor lift?

What term will your Contract Hire be over; we find that 3 and 5 year terms are most common.

If you’re interested to know more about operating a Minibus under Contract Hire you’ll find more information here.

*Based on (New-Flexi-17seat-1 Wheelchair Passenger 2022)


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