Ford Tourneo / Transit Custom – 9 Seat Minibuses

Ford Tourneo / Transit Custom – 9 Seat Minibuses

Looking for a 9 Seater Minibus/Shuttle Bus?

Ford 9 Seat Minibuses

A great choice is the Ford Tourneo or their sister vehicle the Ford Transit Custom 320 you can’t say they’re Twins but they do bear a remarkable resemblance to each other, both in looks and value.

The first thing to note is that both the Tourneo and Transit Custom are driveable on a car licence. As 9 Seater Minibuses go, it is perhaps easier to think of them as an MPV or Shuttle Bus. Great for small groups and just as happy in the inner city as adventuring further afield.

Ford Tourneo 9 Seat Minibus

The Ford Tourneo operating as a 9 Seat Minibus has a variety of layouts.

Equipped with removeable and reversible seats, granting versatility in this 9 seater Minibus option. Should you require forward facing passengers and luggage space, you’ve got it.

If you need to operate as executive travel and require conference seating, then you’ve got that to.

Other benefits of the 9 Seater Tourneos’ removable seats are an ability to carry up to 3 Wheelchair Passengers. Their diversity doesn’t stop there. There’s a layout to allow for a wide range of functions. The carriage area can convert to accommodate anything from your luggage to a canoe, but don’t think, certainly for the latter you’ll be sacrificing passenger capacity in order to do so.

Ford Transit Custom 9 Seat Minibus

The Transit Custom 320 is a Crew Van. It’s the commercial vehicle version of Fords 9 Seater Tourneo. At Minibus World our expert manufacturing team convert the Transit Custom into a number of vehicles including a versatile 9 Seater Minibuses.

There are great opportunities with a 9 Seat Ford Transit Custom from Minibus World. 9 is the maximum capacity you can accommodate, but by choosing to buy your Transit Custom from a second stage motor vehicle manufacturer. Your options aren’t limited.

Building Your 9 Seat Transit Custom Minibus

The main decision when building your 9 Seater Transit Custom Minibus is to, “To Track, or Not, To Track!”

What does tracked mean?


When you view the carriage area, on a tracked Minibus there will be a number of metal runners “tracks” on the floor.


These tracks are in place to allow for the safe and secure fitting of removable seats, wheelchairs or any item that may require securing with suitable restraints in the Minibus.


Opting to fit a Transit Custom Minibus with full tracking will allow you to carry up to 9 passengers and give the flexibility (dependant on seat choice) for a variety of layouts similar to the Ford Tourneo 9 Seat Minibus. Including carriage of a maximum of 3 Wheelchair users.


Fixed Seating & Tracking

A fully tracked carriage area may be more than you require. It could be that your 9 Seat Minibuses operation primarily requires at least 6 (including 3 in the cab) seats at all time.

At Minibus World we find most commonly when not fully tracking the Transit Custom; that 3 rear facing flip seats are fitted in conference fashion and the remaining area at the rear of vehicle is tracked. This still allows for a variety of vehicle layouts to suit your carriage needs, but limits wheelchair capacity to a maximum of 2 wheelchair users.

Operate a 9 Seat Ford Tourneo or Transit Custom

Making the decision to operate Ford Tourneo or Transit Custom as a 9 Seat Minibus, means you’ll want to know purchase options.

We offer outright purchase, finance and contract hire. This simplest route to a new 9 Seat Tourneo Minibus is:

Outright Purchase:

As the name suggests, this is purchasing the Minibus outright with one upfront payment.


A popular Minibus purchasing option. An initial payment (deposit) and monthly instalments to gradually pay off the balance.

Contract Hire (Operating Lease):

Effectively you’re leasing the Minibus over a set period of time, with set conditions that you only drive to a set level of miles and at the end of the lease the Minibus is returned in a pre-agreed condition.

For more information on finance options   right-arrow-animated

Minibus World offer a variety of 9 Seat Minibuses including Electric Minibus options.

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