School Minibuses and Minibuses in Education


Providing Minibuses into Schools & Education is a speciality of Minibus World.

We are equally trusted to provide Minibuses to large educational fleets, as to singular minibuses in to individual education facilities across the UK.

With our range of Minibuses available for schools to lease or purchase, you’re likely never too far away from one of our vehicles.

Whether a Primary, Secondary, Academy Trust, Centre of Further Education or Higher Education; Minibus World are able to provide Minibuses tailored to the individual needs of your school or educational facility.


Popular among Schools are Minibus Worlds CanDrive range of Lightweight Minibuses. These are Minibuses with ramps for Wheelchair Accessibility, that are designed to fall below the gross vehicle rate (GVW) which requires a D1 driving licence. This means that the School Minibus can be driven on a car licence as long as certain conditions are met.

CanDrive Minibuses:


Our CanDrive Minibus range of Lightweight Minibuses available for lease or purchase are suitable for both early years, schools, colleges and universities with older pupils or students. There is a variant of this leasable lightweight Minibus suitable for qualifying operators.

The benefits of a School Minibus being driveable on a car licence are that it reduces the cost (a D1 licence and test can cost over £1100.00 per person) on the school and provides a larger pool of available drivers.

The CanDrive Flexi:

This Lightweight Minibus is built on L3 vehicles and can provide seating for up to 17 individuals.

The CanDrive Lightweight Flexi is a great choice for those Minibus operators in schools and education that transport younger pupils.

This is because the GVW of the vehicle when adapted for Wheelchair Accessibility is low enough to allow the vehicle to carry up to 17 younger individuals.

The CanDrive Flexi lightweight Minibuses, remains within the weight and operational restrictions of driving on a car licence for early years and primary schools.

The CanDrive Maxi:

The Maxi variation of our CanDrive Minibus light is available on L4 vehicles.

L4 Minibuses have a longer wheelbase and a GVW of 4250kg. With the appropriate adaptions made, the CanDrive Maxi is a more suitable vehicle for a School Minibus or as College/University Transport.

The larger School Minibus is recommended, to accommodate maturing individuals and their larger body mass.

Being a Lightweight Minibus the Maxi is still being able to be driven on a car licence.

School Minibus on a D1 Licence:

Minibus World don’t just provide School Minibuses or Minibuses to Education that are driveable on a car licence.  We’re also able to provide a range of Minibuses for D1 licence holders.

Holding a D1 licence allows for greater flexibility in the range of Minibuses to select from for your school, college or university.

There are fewer restrictions on the conditions required to drive a Minibus on a D1 licence. The key restriction being you’re limited to carrying 16 passengers.


Found a new School Minibus, what next?

When you’ve found your next Minibus, how will you fund it?

There’s a number of options to purchase a Minibus for your school, we’ve covered the most common ones on the Minibus World website. See School Minibus leasing for more information.

Make it your Own!

Once you’ve found the Schools next Minibus and decided on how to fund it. It’s time to make it your way!

Branded fittings:

Minibus World offer a number of options to personalise your School Minibus. This includes options to select your seat styling. Matching your seating to carry your school, college or University’s branding across the vehicle is a simple way to help instil a sense of ownership.

It can also increase your profile within the local community and beyond.


Signwriting your School Minibus (Adding Vehicle Livery):

Making the most of your asset, a school minibus is more than just a transport vehicle.

It’s a fantastic way to promote your school, college or university.

Whether you opt for simple but concise details, such as the school name and contact details or have a more eye catching design that really showcases your activities, it’s really up to you.

If you want the benefit of a sign written Minibus but don’t have your own design ready, we can assist in helping you create suitable graphics inline with your branding guidelines.

School Minibus Modifications:

You might be happy that the basic Minibus is enough for your needs, but there’s lots you can do to really make the Minibus your own.

Dash Cams:
A simple and effective tool both in terms of providing evidence should the vehicle be involved in an incident and as a deterrent to poor driving habits is installing a Dash Cam. For a relatively low cost a Dash Cam in your School Minibus provides peace of mind that while your driver is focused on the road ahead, the Minibuses Dash Cam will be recording the journey and be an effective resource to to review should any incident occur.


Reversing Cameras:
A reversing camera is a great addition to assist your School Minibuses driver in operating the vehicle when reversing. While the standard mirrors are great guides the addition of a reversing camera to the Minibus can help give your Minibuses driver increased confidence and reduce the risk of any unforeseen incident occurring.

Passenger and Driver Safety:

For additional safe guarding there’s options for adding singular or multiple CCTV cameras into the Minibus. You can’t have eyes everywhere and it can be beneficial to protect staff and pupils by having additional monitoring equipment within the Minibus.


Wheelchair Access:
There’s a range of options to make the on and off-boarding of wheelchair passengers as swift and comfortable as possible.

We’re able to offer:

  • Telescopic Ramps
  • Onboard Ramp
  • Onboard Lift
  • Onboard Split Lift
  • Underfloor Lift

We’ve an informative post all about wheelchair accessibility here.

There are many companies who can offer a school minibus, and Minibus World we’re with you every step of the way to ensure that you make the right choices and gain the most suitable Minibus for your staff and pupils.

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