The Future of Electric is Now!

Electric Welfare Vans are happening Now!

As fossil fuel vans enter a phasing out period their Electric replacements are stepping into the spotlight.

CVM World is already a leader in the manufacture of Electric Minibuses and we are bringing this same knowledge and expertise to the Welfare Vehicle Market.

There are many new options in the Electric Van Market and we have opted to work with a trusted manufacturing that has been at the forefront of Van production for decades.

Why opt for an Electric Welfare Van? The news is everywhere, low emission zones are on the increase and the drive to reduce carbon emissions is becoming ever more prominent.

What options will Electric Welfare Vans Have?

With Ford delivering the Ford E-Transit and with the popularity of our Ford Transit Welfare Units, the Ford E-Transit is a natural successor on which to build our All Electric Welfare Van.

With the variations in Ford E-Transit we will be offering  5 and 7 seat options. Each will have unique benefits for those operating our Electric Welfare Van.

As you would expect with Ford, they’re already packed with essential connectivity features and tachometers for performance management.

The facilities for looking after your workforce and ensuring your compliance with UK working regulations are the additional components we add.


When Will Electric Welfare Vans Become Available?

We are accepting enquiries on Electric Welfare Vehicles Now!

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